North Dakota State University X3 trade system extension will hold a lambing workshop on February 24 at the sheep research unit in Fargo. NDSU Extension sheep specialist Travis Hoffman says there has been interest in expanding operations with sheep in North Dakota and Minnesota.

At the event, NDSU shepherd Skip Anderson will lead discussion on key issues at lambing time. Topics covered include barn management, ewe nutrition and lambing equipment and protocol. In a letter to U. Eleven nations currently plan to sign the agreement in March. The letter noted that once this happens, the U.

Grain Bin Safety Week runs February 18-24. The goal of the event is to create awareness by preventing injuries in the first place. Throughout the week, safe bin-entry procedures, testing bin atmosphere for toxic gases and wearing proper safety equipment will be promoted. The week is officially recognized by governors in six states, including North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. This brand will include corn, soybeans and wheat and will be available in Canada, Latin America and parts of Europe. The Brevant brand will not be available in the United States. The two companies indicate farmers will be able to purchase insurance that is customized to their individual needs.

A more loss adjustment process is also called a benefit. Terra Nitrogen, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CF Industries, has exercised its right to purchase all of its publicly traded stock. This decision will help CF Industries simplify its corporate structure and reduce administrative costs. Company officials indicate global urea prices have increased due to lower Chinese imports and a weaker dollar. Nitrogen demand is forecast to remain steady for the year ahead. 62 million one year ago.

With the quarterly report, Otter Tail Power Company cited two key projects, the Big Stone South-Brookings and Big Stone South-Ellendale transmission lines. Otter Tail Power is a 50 percent owner in both projects. The Big Stone South-Brookings project was completed in September on time and under budget. The Big Stone South-Ellendale project is scheduled for completion in 2019. The president’s budget is considered a wish list which is largely ignored by Congress. However, it does offer insight into Administration priorities. 22 billion over ten years.

213 billion in potential savings by reforming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP. 500,000 Adjusted Gross Income or less to qualify. The Harvest Price Option would be reduced by 15 percent. Crop insurance companies would also see the rate-of-return reduced to 12 percent. New user fees are also proposed for a variety of USDA programs including import inspections, meat inspections and the oversight of federal checkoff programs.

The chairmen of the House and Senate agriculture committees issued a joint statement about President Trump’s budget proposal. House Chairman Michael Conaway and Senate Chairman Pat Roberts said the budget proposal will not prevent them from producing a farm bill that will benefit farmers, ranchers, consumers and other stakeholders. Conaway and Roberts also said they are committed to maintaining a strong safety net for agriculture. The CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Association is retiring. Pamela Bailey has been with the organization for nearly ten years.

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Many of the companies were upset with recent policy positions by the GMA on issues like biotechnology and food labels. The South Dakota Pork Producers Council recently honored Roberta Rasmussen with the Dedicated and Distinguished Service Award at the Master Pork Producers Banquet. In 1991, Rasmussen served in the South Dakota State Senate for three terms, chairing the Senate Agriculture Committee. Since retirement, Rasmussen stays involved promoting pork through SDPPC events. We’re back with season two. Lessons Learned provides education and the tools to help growers throughout 2018. This week, MFU President Gary Wertish addresses current farm bill process concerns.

Fridays at 12:37 PM on the Red River Farm Network. This week, RCIS field service manager Rod Nelson shares crop insurance reminders. This week, Industry Relations Director Royalee Rhodes discusses the protein challenge offered to grocery store shoppers. American Lung Association’s Bob Moffitt discusses an increase in E-85 and E-15 sales. This week, associate director Sheri Coleman shares more about the Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives conference. Do you have miles of meeting travels ahead? Curling is the Olympic sport that uses «rocks» made with polished granite from Scotland.

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