What is a short term call option Life Short Term Medical is affordable temporary health coverage for 30 days to 6 or 11 months. Apply for next day medical coverage.

STM Complete — Short Term Medical plans have excellent benefits, low out of pocket costs, and the rates are very affordable. Next Day Coverage is available. Quote, Apply and Print your policy in less than 7 minutes. 2,000,000 lifetime maximum per person. The HCC STM is one our our most popular short term plans. Run a quote and you will see how affordable it is! HCC Life Short Term Medical Insurance is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

2017, HCC Has Exited the Short Term Medical market. View other options by clicking on «Short Term Health Insurance» in the upper menu. If you have a minor illness, accident or injury, use a Urgent Care Center or Walk-In Facility. Dental, Pharmacy, Lab, Imaging, Hearing and Diabetic discount plans in most states. Use any doctor or hospital. You can choose to receive your policy online or by mail. When applying online, you will be able to print your policy and ID cards or save everything to your computer.

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You can also choose to have everything mailed to you. Who is HCC Life Insurance Company? With HCC Life STM you’re in control. 750 million dollars in premium annually. Long Term Consumer Care, Inc.

What is Short Term Health Insurance? How long can I be covered? When does my coverage start? Individuals who have recently become U. Medicare or other government-sponsored health plans. HCC Life Short Term Medical can be an excellent option for U.

Imaging Plans when you apply through this site. Short-term care insurance information from national consumer group. How to get best costs, compare policies, leading resource for information about short-term care planning. What is Short-Term Care Insurance Protection?

Recovery Care’ protection, addresses significant financial risks facing individuals today. The National Advisory Center for Short Term Care Information was created to share information that can help you discover how short-term care insurance works and how it can benefit you and those you care about. Today, short-term care is a great alternative for long-term care insurance planning when cost, age or health is an issue. Short-term care insurance policies offer benefits for many different types of health care and aging needs.