MWPVL International article on trends in the Warehouse Warehouse management system trade show System WMS market. MWPVL International whitepaper on trends in the Warehouse Management System WMS market. In addition, another 25 — 30 or so companies offer sophisticated WMS applications for niche markets or as modules within an extended enterprise application.

In Europe and Asia, several specialized WMS vendors also service regional markets. The top WMS providers have expanded their solution footprint beyond the warehouse. The term supply chain execution has been embraced within the industry to reflect this shift toward comprehensive logistics applications, of which warehousing is just one component. Many WMS vendors have acquired other software companies to expand their footprint rather than attempting to internally develop new applications. Some WMS vendors have moved well beyond the confines of supply chain execution in their quest for growth. In September, 2005, Manhattan Associates acquired Evant Inc. After all, there are many more stores than distribution centers.

Much has been written about ERP warehouse applications versus best-of-breed WMS applications: the logistics operators argue for best-of-breed solutions to optimize operations, and the IT people want integrated ERP solutions to reduce complexity. SSA Global have made significant inroads into the WMS market either by self-developing advanced warehousing modules or through acquisition. In terms of market share, SAP has the largest share of the WMS market despite the fact that they are not even considered a WMS vendor within the trade. SSA Global’s acquisitions of EXE Technologies and Provia Software are examples of how quickly a powerhouse ERP vendor can move into a specialized software market. This contributes to heightened competition as market share is shifted away from niche WMS suppliers to large ERP firms. The past ten years have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of companies that service the WMS market.

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