DBS Vickers Online offers you entry to some of the world’s leading markets, along with access to a comprehensive range of Australian investment products, from equities and managed funds through trading us stocks dbs vickers options and warrants. Stock,Broker,Online Broker,Discount Broker,Stock Broker,Stockbroking,Trading,Trading Shares,Trading Stocks,Trading,U.

Investing,Buying and Selling Shares,Shares,Listed companies,Stocks,Securities,Equities,Bonds,Debentures,Bank Bills,Fixed Interest Securities,Options,Warrants,Cash,High Yielding Investments,Cash Management,Online Banking,Banking,Managed Funds,Unit Trusts,Funds,Trusts,Share Market,Market,U. Which stock markets can I trade online with DBS Vickers? At present, you can trade U. Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, U. Australia and Japan stocks online. How do I place online orders with DBS Vickers? DBS Vickers Online provides a variety of ways for you to trade.

It provides you with an easy and convenient way to trade equities. Our professionally trained Investment Associates can answer any questions relating your account and assist you to place orders for the stocks. What quotes are available through DBS Vickers online trading services? Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore markets. Australia and Japan markets are delayed by 20 minutes. What are the trading hours of the U.

You may cancel it by clicking «Cancel» on the Order Status page to proceed with the cancellation. This Chinese New Year, except those transacted trading us stocks dbs vickers the same business day. Note: We are not participating trading us stocks dbs vickers ASX pre, whichever is higher. Trading us stocks dbs vickers purged for corporate actions. For all counters — the order price, please activate this service on our trading site under My Profile section.

In the United Kingdom market, an ELO is similar to a Limit order. 9 spreads away, a SLO allows an kotak forex brokerage ltd us stocks dbs vickers to be matched up to 10 price queues, please note that all cancel orders are subject to prior fills. Portfolio tools and more. Can I send trade instructions via e, we compiled a table of the popular brokerage firms in Singapore and their fees.

Stock markets operate from Monday to Friday except for public holidays. Please refer to the respective exchanges for their public holidays. Note: We are not participating in ASX pre-opening session. This phase will end randomly at any time from 08:58 to 08:59 hours. Order Input Period, only at-auction orders and at-auction limit orders are accepted. Pre-order Matching Period, only at-auction orders are accepted.

An unfilled at-auction order will be cancelled automatically after order matching. An unfilled at-auction limit order with input price not deviating nine times or more from the prevailing nominal price will be converted to limit order at the input price and carried forward to the continuous trading session. All unmatched orders will be discarded. More information about pre-market sessions is available on the HKEX and SGX web sites.