Simplicity of our trading system? We provide all that is needed: Name of the Underlying Trading 212 options, Strike Prices, Expiration Dates, Entry and Exit Prices.

While vacationing, you can use an automatic-trading system or an advisory whose buy signals are converted into orders at an online broker. It’s getting easier to trade options while you sun. Why would a experienced investors be interested in selling options short? Option sellers have more opportunities to profit than option buyers.

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Keep in mind that time erosion is an option seller’s ally. Even if the underlying security moves somewhat against the direction of the short position, the sale of short options can still bring in a profit due to an option’s erosion of time value. THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ANY FINANCIAL ADVICE. RISK IS INVOLVED IN ALL STYLES OF MONEY MANAGEMENT.

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Uncovered options trading involves greater risk than stock trading. You absolutely must make your own decisions before acting on any information obtained from this Website. It is recommended to contact your broker about margin requirements on uncovered options trading before using any information on this web site. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Naked options trading is very risky — many people lose money trading them. It is recommended contacting your broker or investment professional to find out about trading risk and margin requirements before getting involved into trading uncovered options. Registration on our platform is really easy.

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