This article has multiple tokyo stock exchange trading rules and regulations. Schematic representation of naked short selling in two steps.

The short seller sells shares without owning them. He then purchases and delivers the shares for a different market price. The transaction generally remains open until the shares are acquired by the seller, or the seller’s broker settles the trade. Short selling is used to anticipate a price fall, but exposes the seller to the risk of a price rise. United States, as well as some other jurisdictions, as a method of driving down share prices. In the United States, naked short selling is covered by various SEC regulations which prohibit the practice. Lehman Brothers may have played a role in the North American markets crisis of 2008.

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As part of its response to the crisis, the SEC issued a temporary order restricting short-selling in the shares of 19 financial firms deemed systemically important, by reinforcing the penalties for failing to deliver the shares in time. A 2014 study by researchers at the University at Buffalo, published in the Journal of Financial Economics, found no evidence that failure to deliver stock «caused price distortions or the failure of financial firms during the 2008 financial crisis» and that «greater FTDs lead to higher liquidity and pricing efficiency, and their impact is similar to our estimate of delivered short sales. Some commentators have contended that despite regulations, naked shorting is widespread and that the SEC regulations are poorly enforced. Its critics have contended that the practice is susceptible to abuse, can be damaging to targeted companies struggling to raise capital, and has led to numerous bankruptcies.

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