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Miley isn’t playing around anymore. And I’m very happy about it. This is no less than amazing. This is something we should ALL be talking about. Now more than ever, black and white are your two options for any kind of opinion. You either love the Kardashians or you hate them.

The dress is either black and blue or it’s white and gold. Everyone should have guns or no one should. Comment culture has made us into a strongly-opinionated fleet that leaves no room for middle ground. The Internet has taken something extremely valuable away from us: it’s taken away our gray area. I don’t mean for this to be taken out of context.

I am not referring to a gray area between right and wrong, between yes and no. I’m not referring to a gray area where I say one thing and mean another. I’m talking about a gray area of identity and ownership. What Miley is doing is perfectly demonstrating how to mean what you say and expect no less than to be taken seriously for it. When she says she doesn’t identify as a girl or a boy, that in fact she would rather identify as nothing, then that’s exactly what she is.

Even calling her «gender-queer» is a bit of a stretch, since she’s not using that word to describe herself. It’s a complicated thing for a celebrity to identify themselves. No doubt Miley’s words will be taken out of context, flipped, stretched and contorted beyond recognition. But she doesn’t care — and that’s a very valuable lesson.

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Young people, especially young women, grow up with so much uncertainty. There’s not a lot of room for understanding your own body, your own intentions, desires and goals. You’re identified at birth with a gender that carries an incredible amount of social weight. And for some, that weight is so heavy that suicide is the only answer. When you’re faced with so many decisions that already seem made for you, right down to your gender identity, speaking your own truth is an incredibly terrifying task.

When Bruce Jenner spoke out about his transition to becoming a woman, he was called attention-seeking. Yet, he did it anyway and adamantly. No one should have to be concerned with the outcome of their truthful words or how others might hear them. The part that matters is the truth. I can understand Miley’s struggle with gender.