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What do you think about Amarkets. Most users ever online was 11,980, May 26, 2013 at 12:56pm. See why this broker earned a 4. Our network of expert financial advisors field questions from our community. Are you a financial advisor? The latest markets news, real time quotes, financials and more.

For traders with a large account balance, trades can be executed on an ECN with greater market transparency. Forex pairs, and shares, but below average costs for index, and commodity CFDs. We were pleased to see an offering for bitcoin, but additional cryptocurrencies are not yet traded at the broker. Account fees were limited and below average, but there is a nominal minimum account balance required to open an account.

UK regulators, this was not unusual among our various reviews. They also suffered a bit due to their internet encryption technology, which is just average. While it’s nice that Forex. It was also difficult for us to determine which markets had guaranteed stop losses available and at what cost. We do know that they are not always available on every market, which limits the usefulness of that order type. The broker is regulated in the U.

FCA which provides some protection in the event Forex. The broker also accepts clients from the U. In the event of FOREX. Account funds are held by Forex. The amount of protection for each account in the event of default is limited. Account holders cannot use a separate custodial account to increase their protection. However, we liked that the broker’s client and web apps are also extremely robust with excellent research and technical tools.

Backtesting, and autotrading are available through both the broker’s custom application as well as MT4. Besides the platform tools, Forex. Advantage Trader» application was very good and had some features that were better than MT4. The calendar and other economic analysis resources were fine but a little average in functionality and detail. The webinar programming was interesting and included actionable ideas which is somewhat unusual in the industry. Clients can use the custom «Advantage Trader» platform from Forex. Or, they can use the popular MT4 client and mobile apps to access the markets.

Advantage Trader also has a mobile app that we found comparable to MT4’s. All the applications included advanced charting, studies, watchlists and trade automation through «expert advisor» plugins, or other autotrading functionality that many traders appreciate. The platforms had standard menus and easy to access advanced features. The look and feel of the web application was very modern and functional while the other client apps were a little dated. We found some of the client app chart functions to be a bit clunky. There is plenty of flexibility offered when choosing a trading application. Clients are sure to find one that fits their unique needs.

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Investors more familiar with MT4 will feel right at home. Although the Advantage Trader custom app had a very similar look and feel. OCO orders were only available on the custom Advantage Trader platform. Not all markets were available in each of the platforms. For example, shares trading was not available in the MT4 platform which means some traders may have to shift from one application to the next in order to execute their strategies.

The minimum trade size in all platforms was limited to 1,000 units. But position sizing was very flexible as long as it was over 1,000 units. The mobile trading platforms offer similar functionality to the desktop applications. Traders can access trading instruments, complex order types, watchlists and account analytics all from their mobile device. The mobile platform also includes charts with price overlays, indicators, and flexible display styles. The mobile apps were easy to log in to and had good charting functionality.

The choice of technical indicators was limited but those that were available were customizable and easy to apply. Market lists and watchlists were also easy to find and edit, even on a small screen. News feeds and market analysis was launched outside the mobile app in the web-browser. We found it annoying to move back and forth between the charts and the news in two different apps. Although it was possible to enter advanced order types the process of typing in the prices was cumbersome on a small screen. The MT4 mobile app was a little better in these respects than the custom mobile app. Customer service was easy to reach and available during almost all market hours.

We had trouble getting fast answers via chat, but overall the experience was good. Traders can access chat support through the custom client application, which is convenient. Phone support during market hours will be the most helpful support tool for most traders. Chat was slow, but a convenient option if you aren’t in a rush. The customer service reps were courteous and easy to understand. The research and tools varied quite a bit from one trading platform to the next which could make for a fragmented trading experience if investors wanted to take advantage of all the tools available. The online webinars discussing the live market were also good.