What makes TD Direct Investing stand out relative to most of its bank-owned peers is the amount of education it provides as well as the td waterhouse options trading account set of trading platforms. Specifically, TD Direct Investing offers web-based and desktop platforms for active traders as well as longer term investors. There are no deposit or trading minimums required in order to qualify for the standard pricing.

25 per contract for active traders. Like many other online brokerages, TD Direct Investing offers registered and non-registered accounts. The registered account types include TFSAs, RDSPs, RRSPs and RESPs. In terms of non-registered account types, TD Direct Investing offers cash and margin accounts.

In order to trade options and to short sell, a margin account and approval is required. For several years, one of the biggest disadvantages concerning TD has been the lack of USD registered accounts. 2014 and are currently undergoing testing, however the actual roll out date has not been announced. In the meantime, to address the currency conversions within registered accounts, TD Direct Investing has implemented a service called the U. Although the name is long, basically the service automatically routes the funds required to settle the transaction through a US dollar money market fund in such a way that a client doesn’t pay the foreign currency conversion fee. US dollars won’t have to pay additional conversion fees.

Note that IB only has non, i am at the point where I have an a small amount of money I am willing to risk and looking for a discount brokerage to start off with. Please read the fund facts and prospectus, mutual fund strategies and current holdings are subject to change. Get answers to your questions, and shes worked there td waterhouse options trading account 11 years, while others aggressively pursue growth. Including TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage; it took 4.

TD Direct Investing’s website details this process, so if it is of interest, be sure to review how it works. TD Direct Investing offers a broad selection of trading platforms that cater to investors of all activity levels. As a bank-owned discount brokerage, they are in the minority of providers that has web browser based as well as desktop based trading platforms. Although the platforms each have their strengths and limitations, choosing the right platform largely comes down to what kind of trading style you expect to have. What Would You Like to do Next?

I am extremely frustrated with TDWATERHOUSE ONLINE WEB BROKER, this company has been having constant problems with providing real time quotes, accounts are not up to date on daily bases, but that is not the only problem, there are no days or weeks that we do not have problem with this company logging in our accounts. It is May 22 2013 all day I have tried to log in my account and I have not been able to do so, it has been on going problem for many years I do not know why I keep giving them chances, It is 45 mints and I am calling them trying to talk to someone to find out what is going on and yet no answer just hearing their goddamn on hold music. I did not have authority to manage activities in my wife’s account. She just couldn’t get it through her head that I did not want to dabble in my wife’s account, but rather just wanted to relay a request to have TD-Waterhouse apply their commission rules to a relatively new account.

To start off with the beginner couch potato portfolio, we on the west coast especially do not appreciate being down as early as midnight! The problem is not the expectation td waterhouse options trading account in; it may also increase a fund’s transaction costs. Researching all this information for the various brokerages is tedious. Account admin fees, i will be looking in to doing a Suretrader demo next. I did that.

Common sense, along with Elvis, has left the building at TD-Waterhouse. I have been a TD customer for decades and they have always held my mortgage and my LIRA from a previous job. I have moved my day to day banking to CIBC because the TD mobile app is horribly inadequate and hasn’t changed in years. I have recently started trading actively and the banking app is also the extent of their Canadian mobile offerings. I am ready to throw in the towel. Overall a sad offering from Canada’s largest bank. Virtual Brokers might be my next try, but it’s really difficult to find reviews of the apps outside the app store.

Interactive offer a trial and the app looks great but they don’t do registered accounts. It would be great if you guys could do a hands on review of mobile platforms. Sorry to hear about the frustrating experience with mobile trading. Mobile trading and platforms in particular are tricky to get right because technology moves much more quickly than many of the financial firms can keep up with. Different screen sizes, resolutions and form factors all play into the physical layouts. While that is not an excuse, it does help explain why certain firms can make changes faster than others.

Thanks for the response, and you do bring up a lot of other factors that are at play beyond my simple observation that it just doesn’t work for me. Unfortunately TD have not even made an effort to improve, despite having suitable offerings on the other side of the border. I have gleaned a lot of useful information from your site lately and appreciate the effort given in to it’s presentation as it will ultimately lead my decision on who to try next. I will share my observations when I cross that bridge. For bigger firms, especially bank-owned brokerages, innovation is trickier because there are so many layers of complexity and administration to go through.

Smaller firms can probably get the changes done faster but don’t always have the resources to debug or provide traditional service to step up when the technology changes. Good luck on your hunt and we look forward to hearing how it all panned out. Feel free to drop the comment in our new community section also. Td online trading site is always having issues. They should be ashamed of this terrible website.