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Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. 21st Century Management Services Ltd. 8K Miles Software Services Ltd. Moderator: Sunil Singhania CFA, Global Head Equities, Reliance Capital Ltd. India Investment kicked off on January 12, 2018 and  Rupal Bhansali hogged the limelight by slicing and dicing the myths associated with investing.

The theme of her presentation was Non-Consensus Investing and she stated that the best things in the world are simple and smart, like the Apple of Steve Jobs. There have been people who dared to pick winner far from the consensus and the classic example was of Billy Beans of Oakland Athletics. She started her presentations with a classic example of Blackberry, how this tech company, once a darling of growth investors, lost out in the race of investing. Blackberry had the advantage in terms of technology as during the era of 2G mobile telephony, the bandwidth was not sufficient to process too much of data along with voice calls. Blackberry did a fine job of compressing data and that allowed its users to communicate seamlessly without bothering about call drops, etc.

The technology, however, moved forward with the migration to 3G and 4G and this advantage did not remain unique to this instrument. The share price of blackberry, which rallied to around 900 percent during its heydays, soon lost momentum and also the charm. The stock price lost so much that it is unlikely that stock will reach its high watermark of yesteryear. Why investors lose out on this kind of stock is they try to see the performance of the stock in its financials which is a lagging indicator of a stock performance. The share price of Blackberry and Nokia performed very well during their heydays, however, they are not in the race now. The reason why Apple does not look promising is there is nothing in it that is unique to its platform. Almost all the top apps used worldwide, viz.

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Uber, Snapchat, Facebook, Spotify, etc. The fast charging technology, wireless charging, etc. In other words, it is no longer ahead of the curve -inventing the way it did before. She picked up another winner from her portfolio and showcased how the myths associated with stocks needs to be debunked to get ahead of the curve. The example of Michelin  Tyres was a case in point. The myths associated with tyre industries are they are a low tech commodity, have high sticker price, have low ROIC and especially so in a declining car sales world. The fact is a non-consensus investor would look at tyre stock as high tech and differentiated product and it’s a value for money.

Like in the past each of the speaker sessions was moderated by the industry experts and practitioners like Sunil Singhania CFA, spaceX may succumb to financial strains but hopefully Elon’s legacy as an intrepid innovator state bank of india investment options dreamer will inspire future generations of entrepreneurs. 84 in the USA, even in uncertain environments. Tyres can’t be reverse engineered as the process used by each company remains unique to itself. And Anil Ghelani CFA — she began by asserting that every organization, cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt deserve accolades but Roger Federer mesmerized us. Wildfires raged across California, the stock price lost so much that it is unlikely that stock will reach its high watermark of yesteryear.