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But, for two reasons, the investment is likely a more reasonable bet than it might initially appear. First, Fidelity and the other Uber investors almost certainly bought preferred stock, not common stock. When you buy preferred stock, your downside is usually limited. In many cases, including, possibly, this one, preferred investors also get a guaranteed return. 2 billion valuation of the latest deal.

Things would have to go horribly, catastrophically wrong for that to happen. 10 billion in gross revenue. 2 billion of net revenue. For what it’s worth, the number is in the range of numbers that one smart industry analyst, Paul Kedrosky, extrapolated from some information that leaked at the end of last year. 18 billion valuation would be about 10 times revenue.

Ten times revenue isn’t a low revenue multiple, certainly, but it’s also not a sky-high one. And with that kind of profit margin, a 10X revenue multiple on a fast-growing revenue stream is perfectly reasonable. To put the 10X multiple in context, it’s in the same range as the forward multiples for some other hot tech stocks. Facebook is trading at about 10X projected 2015 revenue. Uber’s revenue, moreover, is growing astoundingly quickly—much faster than these other companies.

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Few companies in history, if any, have grown as fast as Uber has. 18 billion valuation wouldn’t seem extreme. Most of Uber’s current revenue comes from only five cities. Because Uber is now operating in 130 cities. If Uber were operating mature businesses in all of those cities, and were unable to generate much revenue in them, this statistic might be cause for concern.

But the Uber operations in most of those 130 cities are relatively new. 10 billion of gross revenue from only five cities, imagine how big the company will be when the operations in the 125 other cities really kick in. Not to mention the operations in all the other cities Uber will likely launch in in the next several years. Kalanick has not specified whether this is gross revenue or net revenue, but, either way, it’s impressive. San Francisco is a relatively small city. But taxi companies hate Uber. And they’re busy trying to shut it down in some of those cities.

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