The MIT X Consortium and the X Consortium, Inc. X is an architecture-independent system for remote graphical user single window trade system and input device capabilities. Programs may use X’s graphical abilities with no user interface.

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Unlike most earlier display protocols, X was specifically designed to be used over network connections rather than on an integral or attached display device. X’s network protocol is based on X command primitives. X users, because the terms appear reversed. This is known as «X nesting».

Alternatively, the local machine may run a small program that connects to the remote machine and starts the client application. Do not add new functionality unless an implementor cannot complete a real application without it. It is as important to decide what a system is not as to decide what it is. The only thing worse than generalizing from one example is generalizing from no examples at all. If a problem is not completely understood, it is probably best to provide no solution at all. If you can get 90 percent of the desired effect for 10 percent of the work, use the simpler solution.

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