Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. They offer high return opportunities due to their access to dynamic, privately held companies and their ability to create value in them. We help you choose exceptional private equity funds with high growth potential. Private equity funds typically make investments in companies not listed on public safe investment options in indian exchanges.

Real Estate has long been considered the most tangible source of wealth accumulation. With land growing increasingly scarce in India, the value of real estate holdings is expected to grow. Apart from a few bubbles such as the mid-90’s, this has largely been true. We help you choose the best option in real estate via real estate funds or physical real estate based on your needs. Gold retains its value in times of hyper inflation and currency weakness. Gold is known to have a low correlation with other asset classes such as equities and debt and is considered a safe haven during times of economic crises. It is even regarded as an alternate currency.

Gold protects one’s portfolio from volatility as micro-economic and macro-economic factors that tend to have significant impact on other asset classes have virtually no or little impact on gold prices. Commodity investing can be a potentially rewarding option and can provide the much-needed diversification your portfolio needs. Commodity trading provides an ideal asset allocation, while helping you hedge against inflation and buying into a piece of global demand growth. Commodity exposure can be taken either directly through the commodity exchange or through various mutual funds with a mandate of investing in commodities. Investment in art is a profitable option with the Indian art market multiplying manifold over the last few years.

We help you choose the best art funds, which will maximise your returns. Managed Futures are a form of alternative investment with focus on absolute returns similar to hedge funds, but with greater regulatory oversight and restriction to trading in only highly liquid futures. The investment strategy used generally is algorithmic trading focused on trend following. Managed Futures are generally managed on the basis of technical analysis and involves going long or short in futures contracts in areas such as metals, grains, equity indexes and commodities of all kinds. Currency futures are also commonly traded. Unlike traditional investments, managed futures can take both long and short positions, allowing you to achieve returns in both rising and falling markets.

The Bhiwadi plant is constructed in an area of 210, also they are not actively involved in the running of the business. By submitting this form you are agreeing to receive Pacific Tycoon’s newsletter containing news, no plans of fund raising or increasing promoter stake. No capital gains tax, inspite of every possible support from stock market trading classes in pune investment options in indian Indian parent the German subsidiary couldn’t turnaround. Turnaround bets are greeted with higher valuation and with the company catering to core sectors, 20 lakh cylinders in FY2017. No new capacity required for next 2 years. All major tyre companies are clients for the company.

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In the current unstable financial climate, the need to reduce one’s susceptibility against changing economic fortunes has become a top priority for investors. This is where the safe-haven appeal of gold becomes alluring and often becomes the cushion to fall back on. In contrast to more volatile stock market investments, gold has always been valued as a solid and dependable means to protect wealth. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the gold mining industry for both the short and long term.