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Online photography courses for beginners and advanced photographers. You will have a personal photographic tutor at your side, just a phone call away. Our courses have been designed to replicate the experience of studying at your local photographic college. You will have a personal tutor that you can call for help and guidance. Our photography courses have been designed help you absorb as much photographic knowledge and photographic skills as possible. All with back up from your personal photography tutor, by email and by phone.

We also offer free Meetups over the summer, so you can have face to face time with your photographic tutor. Our payment account allows anyone to spread the cost of their photography courses over a number of months. This is interest free, there are no credit checks and is available for anyone. When DMC Photography was conceived, our aim was to offer a range of college quality photography courses to be completed in the comfort of the students home.

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Come and join us for a free problem solving photography session. Laser accredits our photography courses at level 2 and level 3. Online photography courses for all levels. Please forward this error screen to 203. New apps replicate the results of plastic surgery without taking the plunge. FEMAIL writer Emily Hodgkin, 23, from London put the face and body sculpting technology to the test.

What would YOU look like after plastic surgery? Read this: What would YOU look like after plastic surgery? If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with straighter teeth or a more defined jawline you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife to find out. With just the click of a button, you can reshape your body and face to find out how you’d look if you made the decision to irreversibly alter your appearance through surgery. FEMAIL writer Emily Hodgkin, 23, from London put the body sculpting apps to the test.

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