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This is an Engineering Advance paper. There are many great dogs to consider when looking for your next pet. In order to determine the best fit for your family, you must first be realistic about how a dog will affect your children. Sign up for our newsletter and get an adorable puppy delivered to your doorstep each week. Dress Your Pooch Up This Easter! It is important to know that many of the dogs considered worst for getting along with kids are often mistrained or not properly cared for.

Getting a dog should be a serious responsibility, one that is never taken lightly. Because of their size and energy level, Weimaraners are better companions for older children and teenagers than for children under the age of six. The Weimaraner is an intelligent, thinking animal and while they will tolerate a lot of abuse from children, they are proud, sometimes arrogant creatures. If they are pushed beyond the limit, they will not take it kindly. When bored, a Weimaraner may become destructive and find their own forms of entertainment. They may bring occasional gifts of dead frogs, birds, cats and other small animals. These gifts must be received by you as presents since punishment could hurt your relationship and cause them to feel unsure and uneasy.

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