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Pair Of Brass Table Lamps C. We list Antique Ceramics available for sale, from antique dealers in the UK, shipping worldwide. Not found what you’re looking for? Small extracts can be used with acknowledgements to ‘Oldcopper. Helpful comments are very welcome. Other terms will be added as they arise.

This is often used for condenser tubes. It is in Utah Pradesh which has a long history of copper mining. The lead content improves machinability and lubricity. 36 alloy to give improved corrosion resistance. Now used as a term of assurance of quality. Not to be confused with Sheffield Plate.

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Electum is from the Greek word for amber. Colour varies with copper content. Used for manufacture of jewellery, springs and bellows. 40 brass developed in 1832 with good castability and hot working properties. Records of the original composition are not available.

May range from similar to seriously inferior specification. Poisonous, see remarks for Paris Green. Can be avoided, see text. Loose term applied to high zinc alloys. Does not include roll marks. DO I PURCHASE FROM GLAMORGAN ANTIQUES? Here we are offering a beautiful pair of Bisque figurines 13 inches tall.

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