1 Card Rewards Cashback is operated by Intelligent Card Services Ltd These terms and conditions apply to the Card Rewards Cashback Service. 1 Transactions made using a participating Prepaid Card or Account will attract a Cashback Rebate on spend at the Participating Retailers listed on this website, at the rates advertised. 2 The Cashback Rebate only applies to purchases made from the Participating Retailers at stores located within the UK online trading wave reimburse transfer fees online using their UK website. 1 Cashback will be paid on all purchases from ASDA supermarkets except petrol and any products sold in a petrol kiosk.

No cashback will be paid on any ASDA online transactions including ASDA Home Shopping and George. 2 Marks and Spencer: Cashback will be paid on all transactions made in the UK, excluding BP Connect stores. S Energy products or services. Sushi: Cashback will be paid on all transactions made in the UK, excluding restaurants within Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Selfridges. 4 Wyevale Garden Centres: You will earn cashback for anything purchased through the Wyevale Garden Centre tills by the store exit, or in the food and dining areas, including restaurants, but not in Concessions where they operate their own tills. Q, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Boots: Electrical items bought from these retailers’ websites are sometimes supplied by a third party and in this case are not eligible for Cashback.

We recommend you check your statement regularly. 2 Where a Participating Retailer has a policy of allowing goods to be returned for a refund in excess of 28 days we reserve the right to withhold cashback until the returns period has expired. 3 In the event that the Participating Retailer delays or fails to make payment or ceases to trade then we will use reasonable endeavors to recover your Cashback Rebate. We reserve the right to delay payment to you until the rebate is received. 4 You need to report to us within 45 days if the Cashback Rebate has not been allocated and we will confirm if the rebate is due and allocate it to the card. 5 If you receive a Cashback Rebate payment that you are not eligible to receive, you must inform us at the earliest opportunity so that the transaction can be removed. Any such changes will take place the day after the date on which they are posted on the website unless otherwise indicated.

It is your responsibility to regularly check the website to ensure you are aware of any changes before making a purchase. 7 We reserve the right to remove or add a Participating Retailer without notice. Once a Participating Retailer is removed from Card Rewards Cashback the Cashback Rebate will no longer be payable. 8 Any Cashback Rebate that is paid for goods that are subsequently returned will be debited from any future Cashback Rebate earned. If no further Cashback Rebate is earned we reserve the right to recover the Cash Rebate paid from the balance held on your Ffrees Prepaid card. 9 We reserve the right to cancel or amend any Cashback Rebate that, at our sole discretion, is deemed to have been awarded in error. Conditions apply to your Engage Classic account and prepaid Visa debit card.

Engage Classic account and prepaid Visa debit card and any Additional Cardholder. Contis Financial Services Ltd or the Distributor acting on our behalf. Post: 1st Floor, Navigation House, Belmont Wharf, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RL. Your Engage account and card may be distributed by a third party on our behalf. What is an Engage Classic account and card? An Engage Classic card is a prepaid Visa debit card that can be used worldwide wherever Visa is accepted.

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It can be used online, in shops, over the phone or to withdraw cash from an ATM. You can use your online Engage Classic account to make transfers to other bank accounts and set up standing orders. You can only spend money that you have paid into your account, so before making transfers or using your card you need to make sure there are enough funds in the Engage account. Monies in the Engage account are not bank deposits and do not earn interest. Who can apply for an Engage Classic account and card? You must be at least 16 years old and a UK resident to be issued with a Engage Classic account and card. You can only apply if you are currently a member of a Credit Union.

There is a maximum of five accounts at each residential address. Can I order an extra Engage Classic card on my account for someone else? Additional cardholders must be at least 13 years old. By requesting an additional cardholder, you agree for us to issue them a card and for them to authorise transactions on your behalf. The additional cardholder shares the balance on the Engage Classic account. You agree to honour all transactions carried out by any additional cardholder and that you will be responsible for the use of the additional card and for any applicable fees and charges the additional cardholder may incur.

How can I apply for the Engage Classic account? You can apply only through your Credit Union. Before we can open an account for you and issue you a card we may require evidence of your identity and residential address and we may also need to carry out checks on you electronically. How do I get started?

As soon as you receive your card you must sign the signature strip on the back. You will then need to activate your card. 333 202 3642 and choosing option 2. You also need to obtain your PIN to authorise chip-and-pin transactions and ATM withdrawals. You can get your PIN by calling Customer Services when you activate your card or through your online account. Your card must be activated within 3 months of it being issued or it may be automatically cancelled and your account may be closed.