Dent seeks to give everyone access to the now very robust cryptocurrency market. Off exchange forex does this by allowing you to transact using your smartphone.

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For a long time now, cryptocurrency users have been required to have a computer if they want to trade or just pay for a transaction. With the introduction of Dent Coin, this is no longer necessary. DENT is the first cryptocurrency which has dedicated itself to give users an exclusive mobile data exchange. The firm seeks to disrupt the world telecommunications industry as we know. DENT Wireless Limited, the company behind Dentcoin, launched a crowdsale in July 2017 which closed two weeks later. DENT is a global company.

The developers of the currency want it to be the world’s global exchange eventually. DENT will make data pricing transparent and easy. This will increase the efficiency of purchase just as is the case in spots markets. One user will be able to exchange their package for a more suitable one especially because eSMSs are now more popular. This crypto will allow more people to engage via phone. Over the past few years, mobile data has become very important and valuable. It’s a commodity that many people around the world rely on for their lives to be okay.

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Using the ecosystem of DENT, users are able to connect to one another using the Ethereum like blockchain. This way, users can sell or donate their mobile data allowances which have been unused. 2016, DENT has made several efforts to revamp the crypto. In November 2017, connectivity to India and Brazil was improved in a major way when the firm extended its services there.

That seemingly small step helped the company earn an extra 400 million users. Plans are still underway for the launch of the crypto in the USA and Mexico. Among the successes which DENT has achieved include partnering with Aquito to bring decentralized global mobile data exchange closer to over 500 million users. The developers are working very hard to make the mobile data exchange disrupt the already established Telco market.

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