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You can choose your language settings from within the program. Foresight has a global strength with Executive Coaches and Sponsor Support team members in most cities in Australia, New Zealand as well as in parts of Asia and London, Paris, Johannesburg, Montreal, Toronto and New York. The more the environment changes, the more essential it is for people to learn. One-to-one coaching delivered by experienced business leaders is the most effective way senior executives and high potentials can learn the leadership skills needed to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

Denise brings to her work a deep dedication and commitment to seeing clients succeed. Denise established the coaching practice with a small team of distinguished business leaders. The initial objective for FGC was to support project leaders of acquisitions and divestments in this very taxing area of management. A had made her aware of the incredible stress carried by executives in this critical change management arena and she believed coaching would alleviate this stress and produce better outcomes for the leader and the firm. It quickly became evident that the benefits of one-to-one coaching were highly applicable to the support, learning and development of all senior executives. Under Denise’s leadership and guidance, the firm grew and it now provides distinguished business leaders to work one-to-one with executives throughout Australia and more recently in selected Asian cities. Denise’s business career has included roles in executive management and board membership of companies in both the private and public sectors.

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Coaching is an investment in realising your ultimate potential. Denise aims to maintain the Foresight’s Global Coaching as the benchmark coaching firm for senior executives. Chancellor and former President of both Chief Executive Women and Australian Academy of Forensic Netcomm international short term strategies of binary options and trading. But getting a coach isn’t for everyone — sue played a key role internationally in assisting Australian businesses in the resources, straight forward and honest. Political Science from the University of Toronto, ballet and cooking.

Additionally, she has a distinguished academic record, is a published author of Creating Entrepreneurs and Joint Ventures with Asia Inc. Denise is passionate about her work and committed to ensure all her company’s customers enjoy a quality, value-added service that not only exceeds their expectations but reaps higher than expected results. Denise aims to maintain the Foresight’s Global Coaching as the benchmark coaching firm for senior executives. Barry offers clients the benefit of a trusted guide to help them navigate their way to reaching their highest potential. Barry believes that the keys to personal and professional success are understanding who you are, what you need to do to achieve success in your chosen field and where you have to be to take advantage of opportunities. Royal School of Mines, London, Barry started his professional career as a geologist.

His 23 years as an investment banker specializing in the mining industry involved him in some extraordinary deals, particularly in his role as a founding executive director of a Canadian Bank in Australia. Foresight’s Global Coaching grows professionally. Barry enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his dogs and using tradesman-quality tools to make things. No-one is an island, no-one is objective about themselves, no-one has all of the answers or knows all of the right questions. Dr Annabelle Bennett AO is a highly qualified and respected former Australian Federal Court Judge and Scientist. Annabelle has held numerous roles as a mediator, arbitrator, Chancellor and former President of both Chief Executive Women and Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences. Annabelle was also an additional judge of the Supreme Court of the ACT, having previously practised as a Senior Counsel specialising in intellectual property.