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Inside sources give us all the juicy details on Aston Martin’s Formula One-inspired hybrid hypercar. Which Car Has the Coolest Shifter? That feels increasingly true as we learn more about this ambitious hypercar. We just got a ton of new info on the Valkyrie from sources deeply familiar with the car. We’ll cut right to the chase—according to our information, the Valkyrie’s total power output will be around 1130 hp, with nearly 1000 hp coming from a 6. 5-liter naturally aspirated V12 and the rest from an electric motor powered by a Formula One-style kinetic energy regeneration system.

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When the Valkyrie was first announced, Aston Martin said its goal was to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower for every kilogram of weight. The numbers we’ve heard indicate that Aston may have exceeded that goal, providing some wiggle room if either stat changes as the car is developed further. All sorts of neat details helped Aston Martin and Red Bull achieve that astonishing 2270-lb weight figure. For example, there are no exterior mirrors.

The Valkyrie replaces them with a camera system and LCD displays on either side of the dashboard, eliminating the weight of electric adjustable door mirrors. The same goes for the metal Aston Martin badge on the car’s nose. Apparently it’s less than a micron thick and weighs only a few milligrams, bonded directly to the painted surface of the nose. It’s so thin, you can’t even feel it when you run your finger across it, one source tells us. If you thought the Ford GT’s interior was stripped down and race-ready, the Valkyrie’s takes it to the next level. Aston Martin is also working on a track-only Valkyrie with an even more extreme aero kit. One source says this track-day special sits lower than the road-going Valkyrie and has a larger front splitter and a big rear wing.

When the Valkyrie project was first announced, Aston said it intends the track-only version to lap Silverstone Circuit as quickly as a modern LMP1 car. We’re told the Valkyrie that’s currently being shown in private Aston Martin events features a racing-style removable steering wheel for better ingress and egress, with a digital instrument panel in the hub of the wheel. Given that such a system would likely be incompatible with airbags, we believe this feature may be limited to the track-only Valkyrie. The production car, we’re told, will be fully street-legal, including in the US.

Each car will be tailored to its owner, with a custom seat formed from a 3D body scan of the driver. The windows are fixed due to the curvature of the gullwing doors, and, we assume, to save weight by eliminating the roll-down mechanism. The most striking thing about the Valkyrie is its aerodynamic package. Huge twin air tunnels run the length of the car’s undercarriage, creating downforce without requiring a big rear wing. Large air openings in the front fenders channel airflow over the car’s body, and leave the front suspension exposed. The car seen in Aston Martin’s tweet embedded above also wears carbon fiber wheel covers that we’re told are optional, designed to minimize the aerodynamic impact of spinning spokes.