Surface Transportation Board has set two dates in April for responses in Canadian Pacific’s request for a declaratory order pertaining to its proposed voting trust that would govern the railroad as it pursues a merger with Norfolk Southern. The STB gave interested parties a deadline of April 8 to respond to the CP petition. CP will then have until April my stock and trade homewood to respond.

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CP on March 2 had asked the STB to issue a decision by May 6, which would presumably be before the annual meeting of NS shareholders. The Calgary-based railroad has said that it plans to place itself and its subsidiaries into an independent, irrevocable voting trust during the time that the STB would review its merger with NS. Concurrent with that, CP CEO E. Hunter Harrison would sever all of his ties with CP and assume the position of CEO of NS. The STB order setting the April deadlines for comment on the CP request for a declaratory order noted that various parties, including railroad labor unions and CSX, asked the board to allow 30 to 45 days for comment on CP’s request.

CSX also had asked that CP’s bid for a declaratory order be denied outright. Only once have I lived in an Amtrak endpoint city. Otherwise, I’ve lived in places at or near an intermediate station. I mention that because in my experience your best chance for an on-time arrival or departure is at an endpoint city.

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For 20 years I rode Amtrak twice a year to visit my dad when he lived in downstate Illinois. Cleveland, but on several occasions No. 29 or Nol 49 were on-time or even early arriving into Chicago Union Station, where both terminate. Chicago on time, but more often than not arrived late at my destination of Mattoon, Illinois. I’ve observed this phenomenon on other routes, too. During the 2,200-mile journey we were upwards of two hours late at times, but arrived into Seattle 15 minutes early. It is built into the schedule to enable a late Amtrak train to make up time before arriving at an endpoint city.

You often find recovery time by examining the running time between an endpoint city and the next station. South Bend, Indiana, to Chicago is 1 hour, 54 minutes. The running time from Chicago to South Bend is 1 hour, 29 minutes. 49 minutes from Chicago to Homewood, Illinois, a distance of 24 miles. 1 hour, 16 minutes to travel the same distance. As this is written, Amtrak and its host railroads are sparring in a rule-making proceeding by the Surface Transportation Board over on-time standards.