Your time is precious, and this page is long! Microvolts trade system release date should I even care? BAER testing is the standard method used to check for hearing defects in dogs.

BAERCOM EEG signal conditioner are fixed. 4″ x 5″ x 7″ in size. Simple, affordable animal hearing screening — that’s the BAERCOM! 11 milliseconds of EEG data, starting with the click onset. BAERCOM and save the data to your computer. NO you shouldn’t do that!

EACH ear can now be included in the report! LCD and then collects the next set of 100 passes. BAER data traces can be saved in non-volatile memory inside the BAERCOM. PC computer with the BAERCOM software. Hearing Testing in your area !

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BAER data from an animal. BAER signal that the BAERCOM is designed to measure. DVM’s, in both the development and support of the BAERCOM. However, UFI does not have a licensed DVM on staff. Whatever approach you choose, use it consistently. 30 Day Free Trial Evaluation Program! Click over the heading above to find out more!

The link in the heading directly above opens the version 2. Instruction Manual for the BAERCOM system. Baercom instructions includes both the vD. For your convenience, we have included the link to the older v2. Recent Updates to the Baercom system! We have updated the Baercom Firmware! We added single action full erase and 8 more Baer trace storage pages!