The Higher Council for National Guidance was created to disseminate and implement this theory, and it found partial realization in Libya. Muammar Gaddafi, author of the Third International Theory, here in 2009. It is a system of views which criticizes European-style democracy and Soviet Marxism in detail. In the 1960s and 70s, livro trade system the countries of the Arab-Muslim East, various theories of «national brands of socialism», named «Islamic socialism», became widespread.

This socialism was based on the principles of nationalism, religion and equality, and its ideas inspired a number of revolutions, popular uprisings and coups in the Arab world. Similarly, in Libya, on 1 September 1969 a group of Libyan army officers belonging to the Movement of Free Officers, Unionists, and Socialists overthrew the monarchy and proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic. Libyan revolution manifested itself clearly in the first months of the new regime. Permanent Representative of Libya announced its intention to eliminate all foreign bases on Libyan land. Following this, the Libyan leadership informed the ambassadors of the United States and Britain that it was terminating the respective agreements. Almost at the same time an offensive began against the position of foreign capital in the economy.

The first results and the nearest tasks of the Libyan revolution were fixed in a public statement on 11 December 1969, a Provisional Constitutional Declaration. It was proclaimed that one of the main goals of the revolution was the building of a form of socialism based on «religion, morality and patriotism». Gaddafi and his companions intended to achieve this through «social justice, high levels of production, the elimination of all forms of exploitation and the equitable distribution of national wealth». The Revolutionary Command Council was to function as the centre of the political organization of society, with the right to appoint cabinet ministers, to declare war and enter into contracts, to issue decrees with the force of law, and to handle key aspects of internal affairs and foreign policy. Chairman of the IBS, Gaddafi was appointed head of the Libyan Arab Republic.

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In 1973, Gaddafi organized the Arab Socialist Union, which became the sole legal political organization in the country. Libya, and the country was renamed the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The Revolutionary Command Council was also renamed and transformed into the General Secretariat of the Congress. In practice, the Arab Socialist Union then merged with the apparatus of the General People’s Congress. Abu-Bakr Younis Jabr, Mustafa al-Harrubi and Huveyldi al-Hmeydi. Two years later, the five leaders resigned from public office, yielding them to professional managers.

From then until his death, Gaddafi officially held the title of the Leader of the Libyan Revolution and the group of the five leaders is named «the Revolutionary Leadership». Furthermore, a hierarchy of Revolutionary Committees was established with the purpose of implementing the policies of the Revolutionary Leadership within the system of the People’s Congresses. Copies of the «Green Book» were always on sale in Libyan bookstores in many languages prior to the revolution. The public aspect of the «Third International Theory. The first part of the «Green Book» is «Solving the problem of democracy: The Authority of the People». This political aspect of the Third International Theory, published in January 1976, rejects traditional forms of democracy such as parliament, political parties, referendums, and outlines the basic principles of direct popular democracy based on the people’s congresses and people’s committees. The book argues that representative democracy is in fact nothing but a kind of dictatorship.