Please note that this advert has been closed and the pet is no kitten adoption stockport available. Kittens must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before they can leave their mothers. If this advert states that the cat or kitten is Registered, it means the cat has been registered with one of the cat registering bodies : GCCF, TICA or FIFE. Please ask the advertiser for a copy of the pedigree certificate before buying the cat or kitten and confirm it is genuine with the registering body.

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Microchipping a cat is the process of implanting a chip under the cats skin and registering the keepers details on a national database so that the cats keeper can be traced. All cats should be vaccinated and have their vaccinations kept up-to-date, this is part of being a responsible cat owner and will be your responsibility. Kittens should receive 2 vaccinations, the first at around 8 weeks of age and the second, two to three weeks later. Kittens should not be allowed outside until 7 days after their second injection. Cats require booster vaccinations occasionally and should be discussed with your local Vet.

Many responsible cat breeders will keep their kittens longer, and make sure they have been fully vaccinated before they let them go to new homes. Neutering is a small surgical operation performed by a vet to prevent a cat from being able to have kittens. If you do not wish for your cat to have kittens, then neutering your cat is a great idea and has many health benefits. She is a very loveable and cute cat but she is sometimes timid and wants to keep herself to herself.

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She loves sitting on the window pane and she loves it when we pet her. Before contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Mixed Breed. Please make sure you have printed and read this checklist fully. Do NOT buy a cat or kitten from the advertiser unless you are happy that they follow all the advice on the list. Getting a new cat or kitten is a massive commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the cat.

You should verify this by arranging to visit the cat or kitten at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit without seeing the cat, or if the advertiser attempts to deliver the kittens or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not agree to this. NEVER send money online for any cat. Is the Kitten over 8 Weeks of age? Most responsible sellers will keep their kittens longer than this before they let them go to new homes.