MACD divergence is highly inaccurate. Learn how, why and under what conditions the MACD is likely to produce false signals. MACD divergence is a popular tool, yet highly inaccurate. The MACD—moving how to use macd to trade stocks convergence divergence—indicator is popular among traders and analysts, yet few really understand it.

Divergence on the MACD is one of the ways the indicator is used, and takes two forms. When the price of an asset is moving one direction and the MACD in the other, that’s divergence. This type of signal is supposed to warn of a reversal, but as discussed below, the signal is random and often inaccurate. Traditionally this indicates the price is losing momentum and prime pickings for a reversal.

This also tends to be a very poor trading signal. The MACD moving in the opposite direction as price isn’t always a warning sign. Without going into the math of the indicator, monitoring the MACD in relation to price action reveals a few problems which could affect the MACD-divergence trader. After a strong price rally MACD divergence isn’t useful. By dropping, while the price continues to move higher or move sideways, the MACD is showing momentum has slowedbut it doesn’t indicate a reversal. EURUSD is falling, yet the MACD is rising. That doesn’t mean divergence can’t or won’t signal the occasional reversal, but it must be taken with a grain of salt after a big move.

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Divergence on the MACD can be deceiving. Traders also compare prior highs on the MACD with current highs, or prior lows with current lows. For example, if the price moves above a prior high, traders will watch for the MACD to also move above its prior high. This is also fallible, and related to the problem discussed above.

As discussed above, a sharp price move will cause a large move in the MACD, larger than what is caused by slower price moves. An asset can march higher or lower, slowly, for very long periods of time. The downtrend is caused by sharp downward moves, followed by slower downward moves. MACD than slower price moves. This results in divergence when the next price wave isn’t as sharp, but in no way indicates a reversal. MACD divergence was present this whole day, yet the price dropped all day.