Please forward this how long does it take to clear a stock trade screen to sharedip-1666227188. Learning how to read stock charts can be a very simple process. The major signals clearly illustrate trend reversals.

Most investors, when learning how to read stock charts, feel that they need a multitude of indicators on one chart. Candlestick analysis does not require numerous indicators. The major signals reveal an immense amount of information. When learning how to read stock charts, the process should be as simple as possible.

The Doji is one of the most revealing signals in Candlestick trading. It clearly indicates that the Bulls and the Bears are at an equilibrium, a state of indecision. The Doji, appearing at the end of an extended trend, has significant implications. The trend may be ending. Just this fact alone creates a multitude of investment programs that can produce inordinate profits. What is the best method for making big trading profits? Knowing how to read the stock charts!

Knowing the direction of a trading entity and the strength of that move! Candlestick analysis perfects that trading strategy. Candlestick charts reveal high probability profitable reversals. Hundreds of years of investing refinement have proven that point.

The Japanese say that whenever a Doji appears, always take notice. A well-founded rule of Candlestick charts followers is that when a Doji appears at the top of a trend, in an overbought area, sell immediately. Conversely, a Doji seen at the bottom of an extended downtrend requires buying signals the next day to confirm the reversal. Otherwise, the weight of the market could take the trend lower. Knowing how to read the stock charts reveals the parameters that make a major signal most effective. The Doji signal is comprised of one candle. It is formed when the open and the close occur at the same level or very close to the same level in a specific timeframe.

In candlestick charting, this essentially creates a cross formation. As the following illustration demonstrates, the horizontal line represents the open and close occurring at the same level. The vertical line represents the total trading range during that time. When a doji appears, it is demonstrating that there is indecision now occurring at an extreme portion of a trend. This indecision can be portrayed in a few variations of the doji. The length of the shadow should not be excessively long, especially when viewed at the end of a bullish trend. A gap away from the previous day’s close sets up for a stronger reversal move.

Large volume on the signal day increases the chances that a blowoff day has occurred, although it is not a necessity. It is more effective after a long candle body, usually an exagerated daily move compared to the normal daily trading range seen in the majority of the trend. There are many variations of Doji. One of the most informative and revealing candlestick signals.

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