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When it comes to looking around for a new job, most employees agree that compensation — how much you’ll earn — is a very important consideration. But compensation really involves more than just the salary itself. It also involves how employees feel about their pay and if they feel it’s fair, or even generous, given the job title and responsibilities they have. Comparably dug through its database of over 3 million employee ratings on 30,000 US companies to come up with this list. Comparably defines a large company as one with at least 500 employees.

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To make the list, each company needed at least 25 employee reviews. Companies with employees who answered more questions were weighted more heavily than those with staffers that provided fewer answers. Workfront offers cloud-based project management and collaboration software popular with IT teams. Competitive salary plus quarterly bonus. It is the most generous compensation plan that I have had the chance to be apart of! Symantec is one of the world’s largest makers of computer security software. Pluralsight is online education company best known for software development and IT training courses.

It’s fair, competitive, and there’s a great bonus structure that compensates super well for when we perform and over-perform as a company. SAP makes software for large companies and is best known for its financial applications. Base and commission are equally weighted. Comp packages factor in both direct compensation and stocks to keep you motivated to work for the company. Netflix is an Internet television and movie-streaming service that has become increasingly known for its original TV shows. T-Mobile is a wireless mobile telecommunications carrier. Best job I have ever had, and best company I have ever worked for.

I love going to work. The pay is icing on the cake! Slack offers a cloud-based workplace communications app. Paid well, above what I used to get in a similar position. Paid market rate compensation with great additional perks.

So many great things, we have travel perks, gym perks, free lunch daily, etc, etc! Cornerstone truly is a pay-for-performance company. I feel my hard work has been recognized and salary increased to reflect my contribution. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site for saving and discovering creative ideas. Warm, caring, humble leadership team. EMC, now a owned by Dell, makes data center hardware, and is particularly known for its computer storage products. Very competitive and well compensated.