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Paying down debt is as much about motivation as it is about money. By and large, Americans are drowning in credit card debt. 1 trillion, reaching its highest level since January 2009 and up 6. Americans’ credit card debt will almost certainly reach its highest levels ever later this year and keep growing from there,» he said. Add in a few expected rate increases from the Fed over the next two years, and that makes it even more important than usual to focus on paying down your credit card debt. So, what’s the most effective way of taking control and eliminating your debt?

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According to the Harvard Business Review, researchers may have found the answer — and it isn’t necessarily what you’d think. Strictly looking at the numbers, it’s smartest to pay down the accounts that carry the highest interest rates first. That way, you’re staving off as much interest as possible and don’t end up owing even more. But what makes sense mathematically on paper doesn’t always work best in real life. 36 months than their counterparts who took the opposite route. The researchers then simulated these two strategies in a series of three experiments and found similar results.

In the first experiment, participants were given a ‘debt’ divided equally into five accounts and told they could earn money by playing a game to pay it back. Ultimately, the researchers concluded that the factor that made the biggest impact on how hard participants worked wasn’t the amount they were paying back or how much was left in the account afterward, it was the percentage of the balance they ended up getting rid of. 1,000 payments over both of the accounts. Mathematically, it makes sense to pay on the debt with the highest interest rate first. After all, doesn’t that save you the most money?

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