Honor 9 review: What’s it like to use? The Honor 9 is running Android 7 Nougat software, with Huawei’s own Emotion Gameloft stock options 5. 1 running on top of it.

Android Oreo has been confirmed for the phone — coming in the form of Emotion UI 8 — but the exact release date isn’t clear. What’s it like to use? Running Android 7 software with Emotion UI 5. Android phones don’t come with, and you may find you prefer it to stock Android. For example, Honor has included a detailed Settings list to give you a lot of options for customizing your phone.

The drop-down on the home screen displays a variety of options, and you can even switch out the ones you don’t want. There’s Eye Comfort mode, which dims the blue light emitted by your display for a more comfortable reading experience. It should help with eye strain, and having this as an easy-to-reach option makes it easy to turn on and off as needed. Bay among others, as well as seven games. Those games are all from Gameloft, and we didn’t find ourselves gripped with the urge to play any of them during our time using the phone.

You can delete them, but it’s irritating that such things are taking up much-needed space on your phone. Honor has kept the 3. Honor has kept the headphone jack for its latest release, despite a lot of rumors suggesting the 3. 5mm legacy tech would be dropped for the Honor 9. That means you can listen to wired headsets by plugging in on the bottom edge of the device. You can also use Bluetooth headsets, and we found both those and wired options to sound good with the phone. The Honor 9 doesn’t offer the best audio on an Android phone, but it does just enough, and you won’t be disappointed if you use this device for listening to music or podcasts.

Honor has included only one speaker driver on the phone, and this also sits on the bottom edge, so you may find it a little too easy to cover the speaker when you’re holding the phone to watch video or a movie. When it comes to watching video, you may also find the phone’s screen is a little too small for your tastes. If you’re just going to be watching the odd clip though you won’t be too disappointed with the 5. You can happily fill the phone with videos and films, as there’s either 64GB or 128GB of storage onboard, depending on which version of the phone you purchase. Gaming on the Honor 9 is a great experience thanks to this being one of the most powerful phones on the market right now. Graphically, games look fantastic with smooth gameplay throughout our testing. It’s also easy to hold this device in two hands, so you’ll be able to use it comfortably for gaming, and easily use your thumb on the screen while being able to read any instructions.

We found gaming to be a reliable experience across the board. 4GB of RAM version of the phone available in the UK, but we’ve yet to test that device. 5207, and shows how much the new chipset from Huawei is capable of achieving. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range powerhouse of a phone, the Honor may not be it, but it manages to keep pace with the very best, and won’t disappoint you when gaming or doing intensive tasks on your phone.

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