This model may not be sold worldwide. Please contact your local dealer for the availability of this model fx options pv your region. CPU on AM2 chipset motherboard, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.

CPU frequency will not be influenced. For more information, please refer to the «CPU Support List». 64-bit OS with 64-bit CPU, there is no such limitation. 0 VGA, Pixel Shader 3. This mainboard does not support RAID with HDDs of 3TB and above. 4 x Ready-to-Use USB 2. ASRock AM2 Boost: ASRock Patented Technology to boost memory performance up to 12.

Micro ATX Form Factor: 9. The format of our documents are in PDF files. The specification is subject to change without notice in advance. The brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Any configuration other than original product specification is not guaranteed. The above user interface picture is a sample for reference.

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The actual user interface may vary with the updated software version. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Powered Mixers at Musician’s Friend. No matter where you are in the world, we’ll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Our site appears in English, but all prices will display in your local currency. As you shop, we’ll only show you items that ship to Ukraine. If you prefer to see our full catalog, change the Ship-To country to U. A powerful yet compact solution for smaller-venue gigs, powered mixers are perfect for DJs, local bands, and sound engineers who prefer to use a single-component PA system that is easy to set up.

The reason is because powered mixers combine your amp, effects and cables together with the mixer into one portable and convenient unit. Within this section, you’ll find a wide variety of powered mixers from today’s most renowned audio equipment brands, including Yamaha, Peavey, Gear One and countless others. Before choosing a powered mixer, you’ll definitely need to consider a few things. For one, how many instruments and vocalists will there be on stage?

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After all, each performer will require their own channel on the mixer itself. Another thing to think about is whether or not you’ll require any additional built-in effects processors. Thankfully, many of today’s powered mixers contain tons of extra features such as reverb and graphic equalizers, and this catalog has plenty of examples. Take for instance, the Yamaha EMX312SC. Durable and lightweight, this mixer has dual 300-watt amps, plenty of input options, and 16 SPX effects, including echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and even distortion.

Or, if it’s something larger that you want, check out the Mackie PPM1012. Loaded with 12 channels, dual 800-watt Class-D Fast Recovery Amps, 4-segment LEDs and solo PFL on every channel, this powerhouse delivers maximum volume that’s totally free of distortion. Plus, the PPM1012 contains 24 useable effects, 48-volt phantom power for each mic input, and its ultra-light design makes transportation an effortless endeavor. As you can see, you’ll have no problem finding a powered mixer to suit your application from this selection of choices. The simple truth is that modern technology has never made audio equipment so accessible, and proof of that can be found in the extensive range of powered mixers that are now available to you. Sign up now for smokin’ deals.