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Opening charts is much faster: constructing a chart of any timeframe out of one; dynamic Spread Redaction up to 0 pips. Specify the amount in US dollars you want to deposit, the agent is given the task to run the testing. An updated interface of the system became much more interesting, the position will be closed. As well as to the Forex tester 3 registration key philo, also you can employ the services of training authorized person.

As a price-reading enthusiast, Forex Tester has immensely help cut down on my learning curve. I have found no other program that can actually do what this one does — and believe me, I have looked. Easy to install and use. Plus, their customer support is the best!

This is a great program and really goes a long way for testing systems without waiting weeks to see the results. Any plans for building one that allows for Eminis and Futures contracts? I will be first in line to buy one! I will be looking forward to using it as a tester for a robot, but even those things I’ve understood with the help of this program can hardly be overestimated. Thank you for the Forex Tester program.

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I haven’t regretted purchasing it even for a moment. It helps me in developing trading strategies. With Forex Tester it is much faster to learn trading. I’ve been using this every day to practice for about a month now, and this tool has been the best thing I have purchased in my FX Trading career! It took some time getting the charts set up with the templates, especially for my strategy, but it’s well worth the effort.

You probably hear this all the time, but I honestly wish this was the first thing I purchased, as it would have made a tremendous difference for me down the road. A beyond-excellent program making me mythical at price action. Thank you for giving such wonderful help to us traders who need to learn faster. I use it like shoes, everyday, for most of the day. I even use it to relax sometimes. Finding higher probability setups all the time helps so much. I also got an excellent possibility to check the new trading ideas quickly and qualitatively.

On April 16th I finally purchased the Forex Tester program after a long period of thinking about it. Now, 4 months later, I’ve created my own trading strategy with the help of this program which provides me with a not-too-bad income on the Forex market. I’m constantly testing new strategies that are being improved while testing. Thanks to all the developers of this amazing program!

Forex Tester is certainly the best program for working out somebody’s manual strategy. After a long period of working with Forex Tester I gained the ability to almost forecast the movements on a real chart. Also, Forex Tester helped me to dismiss a good deal of hopeless strategies and to improve my working ones. I have to say that this is a great tool.