Learn about divergences, different market environments, forex how to trade breakouts analysis, currency crosses and multiple time frame analysis. Dig deeper into more technical analysis concepts like trading divergences, breakouts and using multiple time frames on your charts.

Learn a great way to identify potential market turns and reversals. Would you believe us if we said there’s a low-risk way to sell near the top and buy near the bottom of a trend? It ain’t voodoo, it’s called divergence trading! If trading trend reversals are your thing, then you’ll love regular divergences! Learn to jump into trends by adding the knowledge of hidden divergences to your trading toolbox! Time to put your newfound knowledge to work!

Here are some examples of how to trade divergences! You’ll find that trading divergences is actually quite easy once you’ve mastered the tricks of the trade. We listed down the 9 rules for trading divergences just for you. Learn ’em, memorize ’em, live ’em! It ain’t really cheating, it’s giving yourself an edge!

Check out this divergence cheat sheet when you need questions answered on the fly. Divergences are awesome confirmation tools, but it wouldn’t be smart to rely solely on them. Is the market ranging or is it trending? One of the major considerations before you plan you trade. Trending markets are just like waves. They can move long distances and can take you for a nice, profitable ride!

What is a Trending Market? What is a Range-Bound Market? Sometimes, price bounces between two specific levels for long periods of time. Knowing the difference between the two can spell the difference between a big win and a big loss. When looking for reversals, you’d best stay on your toes.

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Protect yo self from reversals by using trailing stops and learning to recognize when a trend is losing strength! Trading breakouts and fakeouts are strategies that every trader should have in his trading toolbox! Breakouts in trading can be just as bad as breakouts on your face if you don’t know what to do with them. But treat them right and they could land you massive profits!

As you’ll come to learn, the world of forex is full of tools to help us find breakout trade opportunities. It’s important to know the difference between continuation and reversal breakouts so you don’t end up on the wrong side of the trade! Unlike breakouts on your face, you don’t need a mirror to spot breakout trading opportunities. It’s a piece of cake, really! Measuring the strength of breakouts?

We’ve got tools for that too! Sometimes, you can make mad money by trading in the opposite direction of the breakout. Some call it being crazy, but we call it fading the breakout! Time to wrap up everything you’ve learned about breakouts and fakeouts!

We already touched upon fundamental analysis in Kindergarten. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper! If you like analyzing social, economic, and political factors that affect supply and demand, fundamental analysis is for you! Interest rates changes are one of the biggest fundamental catalyts out there. Heck, you could even say that they make the forex world go ’round! Your mama may have brought you up to believe that honesty is the best policy, but in forex trading, monetary policy rules!