Please forward education on stock options exercise and hold error screen to 64. Cboe XBT Bitcoin Futures now available for trading. Quotes, Keywords, Products, News, etc. The process in which professional traders simultaneously buy and sell the same or equivalent securities for a riskless profit.

The price at which a seller is offering to sell an option or stock. A protection procedure whereby the Options Clearing Corporation attempts to protect the holder of an expiring in-the-money option by automatically exercising the option on behalf of the holder. To buy more of a security at a lower price, thereby reducing the holder’s average cost. Average Up: to buy more at a higher price. An adjective describing an opinion or outlook that expects a decline in price, either by the general market or by an underlying stock, or both. An option strategy that makes its maximum profit when the underlying stock declines and has its maximum risk if the stock rises in price.

The strategy can be implemented with either puts or calls. In either case, an option with a higher striking price is purchased and one with a lower striking price is sold, both options generally having the same expiration date. A measure of how a stock’s movement correlates to the movement of the entire stock market. The Beta is not the same as volatility.

The price at which a buyer is willing to buy an option or stock. A type of option arbitrage in which both a bull spread and a bear spread are established for a near-riskless position. One spread is established using put options and the other is established using calls. It generally pertains to the result at the expiration date of the options involved in the strategy.

A «dynamic» break-even point is one that changes as time passes. Generally referring to an index, it indicates that the index is composed of a sufficient number of stocks or of stocks in a variety of industry groups. Describing an opinion or outlook in which one expects a rise in price, either by the general market or by an individual security. An option strategy that achieves its maximum potential if the underlying security rises far enough, and has its maximum risk if the security falls far enough. An option with a lower striking price is bought and one with a higher striking price is sold, both generally having the same expiration date. Either puts or calls may be used for the strategy.

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An option strategy that has both limited risk and limited profit potential, constructed by combining a bull spread and a bear spread. Three striking prices are involved, with the lower two being utilized in one spread and the higher two in the opposite spread. An option strategy in which a short-term option is sold and a longer-term option is bought, both having the same striking price. Either puts or calls may be used.

The stocks with the largest market values have the heaviest weighting in the index. The interest expense on a debit balance created by establishing a position. Referring to an option or future that is settled in cash when exercised or assigned. No physical entity, either stock or commodity, is received or delivered. The process by which the terms of an option contract are fulfilled through the payment or receipt in dollars of the amount by which the option is in-the-money as opposed to delivering or receiving the underlying stock.

A transaction in which the purchaser’s intention is to reduce or eliminate a short position in a given series of options. A trade that reduced an investor’s position. Closing buy transactions reduce short positions and closing sell transactions reduce long positions. Any position involving both put and call options that is not a straddle. 25 with stock 52 or lower».

A riskless transaction in which the arbitrageur buys the underlying security, buys a put, and sells a call. The options have the same terms. A security that is convertible into another security. Generally, a convertible bond or convertible preferred stock is convertible into the underlying stock of the same corporation. The rate at which the shares of the bond or preferred stock are convertible into the common is called the conversion ratio. To buy back as a closing transaction an option that was initially written. A written option is considered to be covered if the writer also has an opposing market position on a share-for-share basis in the underlying security.