On January 9, 2017, the company announced that it would be closing due to negative press coverage and its tarnished reputation. It was barred from accepting U. 11 million in restitution and fines e book on binary options online settle the suit. It is also banned from accepting customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

In countries where it was not banned, the company operated an online trading website through which customers could buy binary options, predicting whether the price of a certain commodity will go up or down in a specific time period, as short as 60 seconds. Exchange which sets the price of the option. Customers did not own the asset but instead predicted whether its price would rise or fall. According to the fake news site, Hawking developed a trading algorithm which would in effect transfer wealth from the top 0. The site led to a trading site operated by Option. Caribbean, that guaranteed trading profits using binary options.

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A second journalist traced the scam to Banc De Binary, which did not respond to his inquiries. Oren Shabat Laurent was named in a law suit as the CEO of Option. In an advertisement, the company also claims to have been founded in Seychelles in 2008. In a 2014 court case Banc De Binary claimed that it «is a small company, with approximately 60 employees». EEA, even though clients based in other countries might receive nothing if the company collapsed. 10,000 for «crisis management» of the BdB page on Wikipedia. A company official announced on January 9, 2017 that the company would be closing because of «consistently negative press» coverage.