CFR 14, Ch I, part 135 requires that TCAS I is installed for aircraft with 10-30 passengers and TCAS II for aircraft with more than 30 passengers. Research into collision avoidance systems has been ongoing since at least the 1950s. The implementation of TCAS added a safety barrier to dynamic sync trading system v1 4 download prevent mid-air collisions.

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Boeing pilots followed their TCAS RA, having no ATC instruction. 1955 toward a collision avoidance system. It was not until the mid-1970s, however, that research centered on using signals from ATCRBS airborne transponders as the cooperative element of a collision avoidance system. This technical approach allows a collision avoidance capability on the flight deck, which is independent of the ground system. The concept is based upon agency and industry development efforts in the areas of beacon based collision avoidance systems and air-to-air discrete address communications techniques utilizing Mode S airborne transponder message formats.