Stories load as they are published. Hong Kong does forex really useful for jobless were mostly higher but the Japanese market was lower in early trading on Wednesday as volatility continued to show signs of declining and following the third-straight day of gains on Wall Street.

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Australia’s oldest department store operator, Myer Holdings, said its chief executive will step down on Wednesday, more than half way through the company’s transformation plan. Baidu has posted strong earnings results for the fourth quarter, rounding out a high growth year in which the company placed heavy bets in artificial intelligence to optimise its core newsfeed and search engine businesses. Singapore’s economy grew at a faster pace than forecast in the three months to the end of December, despite a slower pace of manufacturing growth. Japan’s economic expansion slowed in the three months through December, according to an initial estimate, nonetheless ringing up an eighth consecutive quarter of growth and the longest streak since a 12-quarter stretch that ended in 1989. Fourth-quarter losses at América Móvil, Carlos Slim’s Latin American telecoms giant, ballooned nearly 90 per cent to 11. Mexican peso and saw revenues from Puerto Rico plunge after a devastating hurricane. Israeli police have recommended the indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu in two long-running probes into tens of thousands of dollars in gifts to the prime minister and his wife and an alleged deal with a newspaper baron, adding to the pressure on the beleaguered leader to resign.

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