Online stock quotes and stock indexes forecasting tool. Monthly Forecasts are based on an innovative structural harmonic wave analysis stock price day prediction system trading series. Our software analyzes and predicts stock price fluctuations, turning points, and movement directions with uncanny accuracy.

Forex-Forecasting utilizes artificial intelligence based on neural network technology, advanced statistical methods, and non-periodic wave analysis to predict Forex market. Try Forex-Forecasting solutions for free right now. Whether you are a day-trader or a long-term investor our site for you! The Company Screener is a unique tool to find company with the profitable return. The Portfolio Manager combines SF investment strategies into a single report. The Profit Calculator will estimate the potential profit from investment. Every evening, an updated email will alert you, the investor, about Forecasting Quotes and Movement signals for all of the companies in your active portfolio for next business day.

The computation and analysis of the companies’ stock quotes vs. Conduct a forecasting accuracy back test over the years of historical records for 30 industries and thousands of companies. NO software to download, completely web-based, automatically updates. Change the way you invest with Systematic Trend Trading.

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We provide educational, daily insights into the market, and even share our open positions. Premium systematic trading insights daily. Trend Trading Signals provides high quality financial markets trading signals, charts, global market commentary, insights and education using a proprietary, price-based systematic trend following process. We focus on implementing and developing systematic, comprehensive trading plans, strategies and portfolio-level trade management, utilizing precise money management and risk management techniques. Want to unlock our private Twitter feed? We provide exact buy, sell and stop loss signals in highly liquid large cap and mega cap stocks, as well as global multi-market ETFs, complemented with high quality, high level charts. We provide high level quantitative Technical Analysis and commentary of 16 major global financial markets, including equity indices, rates, commodities, and FX markets, using our proprietary trading systems.

For those who want to learn to develop their own system, we provide educational and instructional blogs, videos, and webinars to help you learn to develop, implement and trade your own systematic process. Systematic Trading, also known as rules-based, quantitative or mechanical trading, employs pre-defined Entry, Exit and Position Sizing rules to structure trades in a quantitative strategy to eliminate discretion, bias, prediction and emotional involvement. We seek to capture outsized intermediate to longer term price trends in highly liquid mid cap, large cap and mega-cap Stocks and Global Multi-Market ETFs. We focus exclusively on intermediate to longer term position trades using Trend Following, Momentum and Breakout, price-based trading programs. A TTS members-only exclusive exploring how to approach account management in the potential event of a pullback. The most common question from other traders is how to hold onto winners.