On this day in 1825, the United States selected a President. No, dax day trading signals in an election but in the House of Representatives. Thus, ended one of America’s closest and most inconclusive elections. The original list of candidates was unique.

The favorite in the polls was a well-known guy from Tennessee. I post live trades via a Telegram App. It is free of charge, although at the moment the signals are written in Danish. I am going to change that soon to English.

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On this day in 1904, smoke began to pour out of a fabric warehouse in downtown Baltimore. It didn’t look like a big problem and the fire squad arrived promptly. Unfortunately, so did a 50 mph windstorm. The wind, the fire and the fire cart decided to try for the same parking space. Thank you to Art Cashin for this analysis: On this day in 1858, that august deliberative body, the U. House of Representatives was calmly discussing a matter of import to the nation. Art Cashin for this comment: On this day in 1895, America was in a funny financial spot.

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