WANT TO LIVE RENT-FREE — anywhere in the world? There are empty homes in every state and country, and property owners are looking for trustworthy people to live in them as property caretakers and housesitters! 50 states coffee c trading hours brisbane foreign countries.

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Some of these caretaking and housesitting openings also offer compensation in addition to the free housing provided. Short, medium and long-term property caretaking assignments are in every issue. 1 Source for Caretaker Opportunities since 1983! 1983, and have successfully been filled by our subscribers, so none of these assignments are currently available. All landowners’ phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.

The sample is an Adobe PDF file. Most current browsers and operating systems include Adobe Acrobat viewers by default. If you have trouble with this file, you can download and install the viewer by clicking on the Adobe Reader Icon. CARETAKER NEEDED late September to May on a self sufficient comfortable Aleutian homestead. Orcas, eiders, sea otters, caribou, hydroelectric power, Internet, loom, hot tub. Writers and naturalists have prospered here.

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COUPLE, or a single person able to handle isolation, is needed on a remote southern Arizona ranch for various short-term time periods. Small salary, housing and insurance provided. Please send a letter to: XXXXX XXXXXX, PO Box XXXX, Tucson, AZ 85702. HOUSESITTER NEEDED in Chiswick, West London from mid-January to mid-April. I need someone to look after my elderly cat while I’m away.

I have a finished one bedroom flat in a very desirable area in Chiswick. I have my own entrance and small garden, spacious bedroom and a galleyed kitchen. I am near some great transport routes and close to everything. Responsible, competent single man or couple, with one child OK, with strong body and alternative minded. Must be enthusiastic about rustic jungle life, experience with off-grid living and solar equipment.

No tobacco or alcohol users please. Maintenance of two acre homestead in a beautiful coastal jungle area in an eclectic, but rootsy, neighborhood on the Big Island. Care for orchards, garden, and cats. Small but comfortable cabin provided. Please send a letter explaining why you are interested in this opportunity, to: XXX XXXXXX, XX-XXXX Napoopoo Rd, Captain Cook, HI 96704. HOUSESITTERS needed on the Great Keppel Island to look after a holiday house.

Live in flat available, perfect for a couple. HOUSESITTER WANTED during owner’s absence. You can explore the jungle, fish, snorkel in the coral reef, or take some canoe trips. I need a housesitter for the month of June.