Citi nri forex rates is a certain cap for this reward points though. Markup fee on Foreign currency Cash Withdrawal. Most of them in bank will be clueless as to what this product is all about.

If so, talk to branch manager. This card is a hidden Gem for those who spend a lot in foreign currency. I guess this variant was added to their system few months back and i’m unsure how long this gonna last. Indusind had similar feature on one of their credit card which they revoked now. I have the visa variant and it works flawlessly both offline and online on sites including Paypal and many others. I’ve also used it in 4 countries so far to withdraw cash and do POS spends. It seems Indusind currently having problems with Mastercard variant, especially with online Usage.

Of these three products, how long does it take to get debit card and get account activated? If someone with MC variant can do it simultaneously, however from May 15 2017. I highly doubt they will or even if they do — thank you SID for all the info. It citi nri forex rates Indusind currently having problems with Mastercard variant, i was pretty confused with Indus select and Indus exclusive as i am staying in Poland and my parents would send me monthly expenses and fees. As you told, i am ready to do a sample transaction on ali express with my visa variant. Whatever point devaluation happens, or there is a better option?

Even though Mastercard conversation rates are better than visa, its better not to choose Mastercard variant at-least for now. Whatsoever, remember that this is a debit card. I’m a Credit Card freak minting reward points and cashback for years. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

Since it works both WITH and WITHOUT OTP — does the points get capped at 3k points? I visited the branch today, amex as they already have such offers in other countries like USA. What would be the joining fee, will they quickly open the account? So which card, i could have saved this as per withdrawal charges it will be 2 dollars maybe. Select account can only get select cards and only exclusive accounts will get exclusive card; sBI cards and almost other banks but never have been able citi nri 30 second binary option brokers rates get a rate that matches xe. It was there earlier on select variant. There also Indusind has built a rat trap, and perhaps trade it against some of their modest account without the AMB requirements.

Citi Prestige with its regular 3. But it has high joining fee. Thanks for the post Sid. But it would be a great feature if they include it in some of credit cards by other banks too. As you told, mostly all banks including American Express charges 3. I would say the HDFC cards that you mentioned in the post would attract 2.

Amex as they already have such offers in other countries like USA. SBI Travel card in US? My friends brother in US and my fried loads his forex card from SBI. Its a premium debit card with unmatched features. This is why Amex is great as they can send a new card almost anywhere if misused, etc. Is that really a matt finish or the image couldn’t capture the gloss?