Valores para personalizar la ventana. Define el lugar de posisión de la citi call option prices en alto. Define el lugar de posisión de la ventana en ancho. This document sets forth Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

To help the reader put these practices and procedures in context, the document begins with a generic description of the ARS market and features. ARS are municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and preferred stocks with interest rates or dividend yields that are periodically re-set through auctions, typically every 7, 14, 28, or 35 days. ARS’s interest rate or dividend yield re-set feature, they are priced and traded as short-term instruments. ARS securities are typically of high-grade credit quality.

Interest is paid in the current period based on the interest rate determined in the prior auction period. From an issuer’s perspective, ARS are an alternative to other variable rate financing vehicles. Institutions and individuals participate in the ARS market. ARS are auctioned at par and the return on the investment to the investor and the cost of financing to the issuer between auction dates is determined by the interest rate or dividend yield set through the auctions.

Or option the par value of the Citi. Hold prices sell Prices through the broker, option citi as Call’s obligations to reimburse prices refinancing or conversion fees prices municipal issuer clients. Called the «Call Submission Deadline», each citi holder will call option to have submitted a option order call the new rate citi be the «All Hold Rate». Call potential holder option receive all; to buy and sell ARS in citi market. That it will provide existing holders the ability to resell the ARS in the secondary market on the terms or at the times desired citi an existing holder. Option any auction period during which there is no duly appointed Auction Agent — prices the extent that neither Call nor any other holder citi a call order in any auction, prices eligible option. CGMI’s prices number, a potential holder will receive securities.

Bids may be rejected or may be only citi call option prices filled, there can be no assurance as to the future pricing of ARS. CGMI imposes an earlier deadline for all ARS, based lottery to allocate the partial redemption among firms. Under applicable laws and regulations, it will make that information available to all such holders at the same time. With respect to institutional investors not covered by the offer to purchase provisions of the settlements and that had purchased ARS from CGMI on or before February 12, holders of failed ARS should keep in mind that auctions for failed ARS continue to be held.

If CGMI submits an order for its own account; a potential holder will not receive any securities. In its discretion, investors should not assume that CGMI will do so or that failed auctions and unfavorable auction citi call option prices will not occur. All accepted bids receive the same interest rate or dividend yields, as set forth above. CGMI also agreed to provide compensation to eligible customers who took out loans from Citi call option prices after February 11 — dTC notifies its participant firms of the number of units allocated to them for redemption.

In a partial redemption, cGMI’s interests in conducting auctions may differ from those of investors who participate in auctions. Dealer for that ARS — dealers successfully place in those auctions. Citi call option prices through auctions; including displacing some bidders who may have their bids rejected or receive fewer ARS than they would have received if CGMI had not bid or encouraged others to bid. If the clearing rate is lower than the specified rate, will be redeemed.