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Monte Carlo simulation from any Excel sheet. Right-click to download the MCSim. 2005 Humberto Barreto and Frank M. Chapter 2 of Budget 2016 focuses on the federal government’s investments in infrastructure and in innovation that will form the foundation for a more inclusive society.

In the last century, it was Canada’s growing and optimistic middle class that built a better country—not just for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren. The investments they made in Canada’s future prosperity improved the quality of life for every generation that followed. It’s time for Canada to once again make smart, strategic investments that will grow Canada’s economy and make it an even better place to call home. Canada’s middle class will benefit from the immediate help provided by Budget 2016, but ongoing growth is equally important. By investing in infrastructure now—in the projects Canada needs and the people who can build them—growth for the middle class can be secured well into the future. At the same time, to deliver new results, Canada must try new things. In Budget 2016, the Government is defining a new vision for Canada’s economy: Canada as a centre of global innovation.

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Together, investments in infrastructure and in innovation will form the foundation for a more inclusive society—one that delivers stronger growth and a better quality of life for the middle class and those working hard to join it. Investing in infrastructure creates good, well-paying jobs that can help the middle class grow and prosper today. And by making it easier to move people and products, well-planned infrastructure can deliver sustained economic growth for years to come. At the same time, new challenges have emerged that make the need for investment more acute: things like the rapid growth of Canada’s cities, climate change, and threats to our water and land. Congestion in Canadian communities makes life more difficult for busy families, and has a negative effect on our economy—when businesses can’t get their goods to market, it undermines growth.

A changing climate is also hard on communities. From floodways to power grids, investments are needed to make sure Canada’s communities remain safe and resilient places to live. Investing in infrastructure is not just about creating good jobs and economic growth. It’s also about building communities that Canadians are proud to call home.

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