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It’s an emotional seesaw that actress Heidi Bohay, 25, who plays desk clerk Megan Kendall on ABC-TV’s hit series Hotel, knows well. Her only sister, Tammy, now 22, was brain damaged either at birth or in a fall when she was a toddler. Over the years Tammy’s condition exacted a large emotional toll from Heidi—feelings of neglect, resentment, embarrassment, anger, fear, frustration and guilt. At the same time, a deep love developed between the sisters and valuable lessons about patience and understanding were learned. Not long ago Heidi met with reporter Malcolm Boyes at her San Fernando Valley home and talked about the difficult but rewarding experience of having a retarded sister.

Tammy was 18 months old when she had the accident that doctors believe may have caused her problems. Tammy climbed onto a rocking chair and started to rock back and forth. Before anyone could grab her, the chair suddenly tipped backward, throwing her headfirst to the floor. She lay unconscious for more than a minute and had to be revived by paramedics who rushed her to the hospital. The doctors warned my parents that she may have suffered brain damage but that it was too soon to tell. For the next year or so, everything seemed to be fine. Then one day when Tammy was about 3, she just fainted.

She came around quickly, but it started happening again and again. At first the doctors thought she had epilepsy and treated her with so much medication that she was hallucinating. Eventually she had to be detoxified. Over the next several years my parents took her to nearly every hospital on the East Coast. The diagnosis was always the same. All the doctors could tell was that she had sustained brain damage. The hard part for me was being left with relatives.

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I felt very resentful while my parents were gone. But when you’re 5 or 6, you don’t think rationally. You just feel you have been abandoned. For years I kept all those emotions—frustration, resentment, deep sadness—inside me. They come out now when I am acting. Whatever a scene calls for, I can pull out that emotion in seconds. As I got older, I realized just how serious Tammy’s problems were and what a strain they put on the family budget.

My father owned a tavern with his brothers, but he gradually sold off his share as the medical bills mounted. To this day, they have never taken a vacation. That’s okay, I don’t need that toy. I even managed to get used to people staring at Tammy when we were out together. I know they don’t mean to be cruel.

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