Does this describe your child? Can i give my autistic child up for adoption have a fine, well-adjusted NON-AUTISTIC child! Your child is likely a finicky, driven, bored and distracted little boy.

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This is a believable — i have a 4yo son who was clinically diagnosed of mild autism at 2yo and I am from Singapore. Hacker documents racist attitudes and practices in the business sector, more tired Mom now’ can i give my autistic child up for adoption! Is Walter Jr autistic in real life? 30 September 2014, we were informed that he had signs of autism. This edition contains a new epilogue tracing the lives of the Wades and Bradens before events described in the book — though I do have a friend who works at a deaf school and taught me a few things like about oralism.

He doesn’t care about language, isn’t able to pick it up easily, and is therefore a tough cookie who is behind in some areas that he wouldn’t be if he had better language skills. But for now, you have to suffer in the world of preschool, playgrounds, and other life adventures that really do require more English and social skills than your child has. Stop worrying that he is on THE SPECTRUM because life doesn’t seem to fit his developmental timetable, and just hang in there until he’s 5. Get a lot of structure and routine that works for you, adopt a rigid discipline ethic if necessary, and have faith that once the language kicks in, he will make up for lost time pretty much right away. His behavior will also become less erratic.

You too have a sensitive, fearful, NON-AUTISTIC child! Most people would like to diagnose your little guy with Asberger’s or Autism Spectrum, but more likely you have a misunderstood, sensory-sensitive little person. This profile is less commonly complained about than the very first profile I outlined, but it definitely represents a portion of toddlers who are very quickly seen as at-risk for autism and usually packed right off to a specialist for a neuropsychological exam. Whereas the first  profile I listed above is likely to see the child put in special preschool, perhaps with an ADD-type medication, this second profile is more likely to be medicated for childhood depression, anxiety, OCD, or reactive detachment disorder. But kids come in all colors!

There is no need to panic because your little person isn’t the extraverted, sensible preschooler. I am not against true autism diagnosis. And I am not against checking out whatever symptoms worry you about your child. MUCH wider than we are told it is. Usually we are told to worry, from experts, parents, or friends, because of the developmental scare climate out there.

Yet there is no reason to push the Panic Button just because your toddler or preschooler has some delayed or anti-social behavior. But usually these are things you can do on your own or with limited intervention. There is no need to put small children under a microscope and ship them off for multiple diagnoses so they can receive services from the state until they’re 21 because we’re afraid they’re all high-functioning autistic. And I didn’t do those therapies out of fear he might be autistic, but because I wanted to give him all the possible tools I could to help shepherd him through childhood, autistic or not.