Posts about GGP-LD on HAVE YOU HERD? What Testing Does ASA Offer and Which One Should You Request? In this day and age call options ggp so many different DNA tests being offered, trying to figure out which one you should use or actually need on any given animal can be quite challenging. The following is an attempt to serve as an explanation of the various tests being offered and also suggestions for which groups of animals might best benefit from each test.

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These DNA markers are associated with the genetic control of various traits. 150,000 genetic markers and provides more extensive data than any other profile currently offered. Additional add-on content is available, see DNA pricing sheet for more information. 47,000 genetic markers and provides you with an affordable option that offers high-accuracy genomic prediction. ASA recommends GGP-LD testing for herd sires and replacement heifers. 9,000 genetic markers and provides you with an affordable option that offers high-accuracy genomic prediction. ASA recommends GGP-uLD testing for replacement heifers.

Additional add-on content is NOT available on the uLD. If additional trait testing is needed on the animal, we recommend either the GGP-HD or GGP-LD. The results of GGP-HD, GGP-LD and GGP-uLD testing are blended in to an animal’s EPDs, thus increasing the accuracy and resulting in the equivalent of an estimated 5-10 progeny already being recorded to that animal. As you can imagine, genomic testing can have a large impact on maximizing your herd’s genetic potential, especially with regards to replacement heifers since most females would not achieve that level of accuracy until they are 8-10 years of age. If additional trait testing is desired it must be requested when you order the kit in addition to the genomic test and add-on pricing will apply. A result confirming a homozygous black animal means these animal’s should always produce black calves when mated to non-diluted red or black cows.

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A heterozygous black result means these animal’s are black but carry one red gene. A result confirming a homozygous polled animal means this animal’s calves will all be smooth polled. A result confirming heterozygous polled means the animal has one horned gene and may have horned progeny if mated with another animal carrying a horn gene. There is no DNA test available for scurrs at present so these results do not include the scurr gene. OH is a simple recessive trait meaning an animal must inherit two copies of the mutation to display the trait.

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