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This chapter builds on the earlier discussion of option pricing and presents applications of options engineering. First we discuss how options can be used to create synthetic stock positions. We derive the put-call parity theorem and present arbitrage strategies that can result from its violation. The chapter explains yield enhancement strategies such as call overwriting. Moving on to volatility-based strategies, we then discuss options strategies such as straddles and strangles as well as risk reversals.

Finally, we introduce exotic options such as barrier options, knock-in and knock-out options and butterfly strategies and explain how they are related and priced relative to plain vanilla call and put options. We discuss trading strategies related to exotic options and risks such as pin risk. This article has not been cited. Agora Financial Review — Is Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence Scam? Are you looking for unbiased Agora Financial review? Then you are at right place.

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In this review, I will explain you everything about Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence service, so that you can take wise decision. History holds it that every empire in the world has come to an end at some point in time. Is Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence Scam? The world power centers keep on changing, and new axis takes shape with changing geopolitical balances. The erstwhile empires erected by the British, French, Dutch, Portuguese or Romans in different parts of the world have faded away. What remains of them are accounts in history textbooks or the visible social, cultural and economic changes such reigns brought about. In the modern era, post the World War II, the single dominant empire that still wields the power scepter is the United States of America.

We called US as an empire since its clout and might are akin to an empire and nothing short of it. The US is the world’s focal point of political events, technological advancements, and economic dominance. Not to forget the unparalleled military supremacy that only Russia, China, and India can challenge only if they combine their fire powers. Endless volumes and bales of paper can be inked if one is to start compiling the past, present and future events and the diverse and deep influence that the US has had or could have in the world order.