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Return to the homepage by clicking on the site logo. NSURLConnection is the workhorse of networking code in the iOS 6 SDK, and virtually every app in the App Store uses it. NSURLConnection is both a class and a suite of related classes whose primary purpose is to either upload or download data to the web or even to the file system. In iOS 7, the networking stack has been overhauled to support NSURLSession, a completely rewritten and improved replacement API for NSURLConnection.

NSURLSession supports new, convenient behaviors that enable developers to easily support new iOS 7 features like background network requests. For this blog post I’m going to be discuss a sample app that downloads an image from the Internet, either in-process or in the background. For comparison’s sake, the snippet below is a short implementation that represents how an iOS 6 application would use NSURLConnection. Set timeout values, HTTP Verb, etc.

This is a perfectly acceptable way to download data from the web, however NSURLSession will improve the behavior of requests similar to the one in this example. NSURLSession is a replacement for NSURLConnection, and similarly it is both a distinct class and also a group of related APIs. It has is able to do everything NSURLConnection could do but also adds improvements on top. There are several reasons for this. NSURLSession provides a mechanism for storing objects either on a global basis or on a per session basis. NSURLSession also provides better authentication handling, which is now done with an explicit authentication challenge on a connection basis instead of NSURLConnection’s request basis.

NSURLSession provides a configurable container that applies to the session as opposed to configuration based solely on request. Probably the biggest improvement over NSURLConnection is NSURLSession’s support for out-of-process background transfers. This means that you can start a download of a large image or file, close the app and the download will continue until it completes. When the user re-launches the app, the app will be in the post-download state. This is possible because uploads and downloads are now done through the file system. This is beneficial because it optimizes battery life, uses the same delegate model as in-process transfers and supports UIKit multitasking.