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If you are tired of unsuccessful trading strategies and want to start seeing profits, perhaps for the first time ever, you came to the right place. Periodically, important economic announcements are released that have massive power to move the market in a whole new direction. In fact, the impact can be so powerful that it can easily set a new trend. No indicators can ever predict that.

News trading is potentially the most profitable and predictable way to extract money from the market. Whoever follows the news is on the winning side. It’s a race against time. Secret News Weapon is the only solution. With its advanced design, breakthrough technology and amazing speed, Secret News Weapon is the only way you can trade the news. It gives you real-time economic information within a few milliseconds, hugely improving the outcome of spike trading. Big institutional players have been doing this for years, and for the first time ever we bring their technology, knowhow and proven methods to retail traders, just like you.