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A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Go to the search page. The Internet highway would never be the same without net neutrality. Currently, when you access the internet on your phone, tablet or computer, you get to view websites and watch video at pretty much the same speed everyone else does. T, and «interconnect» companies like Cogent and Level 3, which route and direct traffic between you and your internet provider. This state of affairs, broadly, is called «net neutrality. Everyone gets the same treatment.

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And it’s about to change. The FCC — which regulates how internet service providers are allowed to handle traffic — said yesterday that it would create new rules that may allow ISPs to treat traffic differently. Some people — companies big enough to pay extra, basically — may get faster internet than the rest of us. In all instances, broadband providers would need to act in a commercially reasonable manner subject to review on a case-by-case basis.

Exactly what the baseline level of service would be, the construction of a ‘commercially reasonable’ standard, and the manner in which disputes would be resolved, are all among the topics on which the FCC will be seeking comment. The devil, naturally, is in the details. Instead of treating everyone equally, ISPs will only be required to give you a «baseline» level of service. Some people — again, likely companies rather than individuals — will be able to get faster, better service. With phones, companies have to supply everyone with the same hardwire service — even if they live way out in the countryside where it’s very expensive to put up the lines. The web used to work that way too — companies had to give you the same service even if you cost them more — but that’s now going to change.