Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24th 1955 in San American binary options brokers trading signals, California. His biological mother was Joanne Schieble and his biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a native Syrian.

Joanne to marry Abdulfattah, due to him being Syrian. Joanne decided that the best course of action would be to give the child up for adoption and told his biological father her decision. Without telling anyone, including Jandali, she left Wisconsin and moved to San Francisco to have the baby, feeling it was the only way to avoid a scandal and not bring shame onto the family. Joanne Schieble had a college education as did Abdulfattah and one of Joanne’s stipulations for Steve’s adoptive parents was that they be equally educated. However, the candidates for his adoption, Paul and Clara Jobs, did not meet these qualifications. Paul Jobs was a machinist for a firm that made lasers in what became Silicon Valley, in Northern California, but had not graduate from high school and Clara was an accountant with a high school education but had never finished college.

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At first Joanne refused to allow them to adopt Steve, but later rescinded and decided to allow the adoption, but only under the condition that Steven be given a proper college education. Hill, his fourth grade teacher, that he started taking an interest in his school work. She was one of the saints of my life. She taught an advanced fourth grade class, and it took her about a month to get hip to my situation. She bribed me into learning. 5 bills from her own pocket.

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Due to this unique motivation, he ended up skipping the 5th grade and going straight to Crittenden Middle School. Though school officials recommended that he skip two grades on account of his test scores, his parents elected for him to skip only one grade. Unfortunately, Crittenden Middle School was in a poor area and was full of bullies who often bullied young Jobs. One day he had enough and told his parents he was not going to go to school anymore unless he was transferred to another school. Paul and Clara complied with his request and moved the family to Los Altos where Steve attended Cupertino Junior High and later Homestead High School in Los Altos.

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